A Good Reminder for the New Year


I just returned from seeing my chiropractor, for the fourth time this week. Last Saturday, I started my exercise routine and moved wrong (my back had been feeling "iffy" for about 10 days) and BAM! My back seized. I literally could not move. Crazy! I called for Geoff and I've been taking ibuprofen, wearing a brace and using ice packs ever since. 

In another story, Chase's first missionary companion was an Elder Cooper. On Monday of this week, he was suddenly killed in an explosion at the trucking facility where he worked outside St. George, Utah. Chase had planned to drive home today for the weekend. We have tickets to a Vocal Point concert and he was really excited to come. Instead he is on his way to his friend's funeral. 

My point? We are all just one wrong move or one fatal accident away from debilitating injury or something much worse. I'm not trying to be morbid, it's just that I have been thinking a lot about how my new year is NOT getting off the to start I anticipated. I'm unable to follow through on my resolutions and I'm tired of hurting. But then, I'm still alive. I can get help from my family and from my chiropractor. What a blessed thing. Honestly, at the top of this new year, I can't think of a better (bad) way to get started. Life is a gift. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. when we can get out of bed (even if very slowly) we can choose to remind ourselves of all that we are thankful for. We can pledge to do what we can and must do with a smile on our face. 

Wishing you a Happy New Year with a reminder that we all can and must sometimes do very difficult things. With God, prayer, family, and time we can be healed and made better, stronger and wiser for all that we've endured well.