Story Starter for Elf on the Shelf

I’ve got yet another super CUTE Story Starter idea for you! If you’re an Elf on the Shelf fan, you’re going to LOVE this one. Why not create a little elf-y scrapbook to document some of the back-and-forth with your elf—the notes, the hiding places and the crazy antics he or she encounters as the assignment to report back to Santa unfolds this month! AND, the best news of all—all the Story Starter kits and stamps are THE SPECIAL OF THE MONTH for December over on the Close To My Heart website.

Dear Santa,  I sent away my best-friend that was really hard. What I want for Christmas is a camera so that I can video and post them to YouTube, a sewing machine* can it be a Brother? Thank you! You’re the best.

Dear Santa,
I sent away my best-friend that was really hard. What I want for Christmas is a camera so that I can video and post them to YouTube, a sewing machine* can it be a Brother? Thank you! You’re the best.

Addie is SO excited! She wrote Santa a note yesterday morning in preparation and last night, I managed to locate and read our Elf on the Shelf book so that we could give Egward, our elf a proper send-off.

In case you don’t know, this elf tradition became a thing in 2004, when mother daughter team, Carol Aebersold and Chanda Bell wrote the book. Here’s the full story from Wikipedia. I bought the book in 2008, but was pretty hit and miss initially. Taft was young enough to play along, but back then it was all about simply finding Egward in unusual places—or explaining why he hadn’t moved (oops!) There were none of the ultra-creative ideas and set up schemes that we see on Pinterest these days. So two years ago when Addie really caught on, we started to have a LOT more fun—this is likely her last year of elf chasing, so I’m all in. And what do you know, this morning . . . Egward showed up with a little scrapbook! It’s clear to me that he returned in the wee hours, full of his elf magic and used one of my Story Starter kits along with some other scrapbooking supplies to create this little keepsake for Addie.


I wish I had recorded her when she found Egward and the book in her art cart. She said, “Oh! Look at this. It’s so cute” over and over and began flipping through the pages. She immediately recognized the note that Santa wrote in response to hers yesterday and she seemed to know without any surmising on my part that there were blank pages for future notes and photos. She said, “I’ve made so many good memories with Egward and now I can keep this book in my room!” When she flipped to the last page, she exclaimed, “I knew it. Edward did make this mom!”
I said, “Wow! I guess so. He obviously found my stuff downstairs and got busy!”

So, let’s say YOU want to inspire your elf to create something similar. I think all you would have to do is leave him a Story Starter kit, with some pattern papers, stickers and a few photos—perhaps from past years if you have some. Otherwise, I’m certain he will just make a blank book for you to begin filling. I’m also sure that he could show up any day this month with a book—in other words, he has plenty of time. He might even wait until December 24th or 25th to leave a book filled with notes and photos. Each elf is different, so its likely that each will have his or her own approach.

I mentioned above that the Story Starter kits are on special this month. This means you can save 30% on one kit or take advantage of several bundle offers …

These images show some of the options, which include all three Story Starter designs, an individual album + both stamp sets, or all three designs and the stamps. You can also get an adorable Candy Cane stamp set for FIVE BUCKS with your order. Click HERE to see these and all of the options you have.

And, I found a couple of images online that you might leave for your elf—just to help with the album assembly. You can click on the image and drag it off onto your desktop, or click on the file name you want to download—the blank title, the title or the closing page. The closing page image isn’t very big, but you print it as a 2 1/2” square so it still works great!

IF your elf creates something this year, I absolutely want to see it. Post to social media and tag me please, or just email me an image to — of course this goes for anything you create with Story by Stacy products.

Addie and I recorded this 5 minute video so you can learn a bit more and see this book in action. I hope you can enable an elf you know to do something similar.

But, whatever you do, Happy December. Go make some magic and enjoy the season!!