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Stories and Memory Keeping. Fun Ideas & Happy Colors.

The Principles of Photo Freedom

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Liberating solutions that you can customize to your life, pictures and story!


If you’re new to Photo Freedom, welcome. 
If you’ve been with me before, welcome back! 


This course is an introduction to my memory keeping philosophy and the system of photo organization and storage that supports my scrapbooking and storytelling and has done so for many, many years.

When I started teaching this course, the majority of my students were using pocket-sized point and shoot cameras—with film inside! As the popularity of scrapbooking grew, we matured to much nicer SLR cameras which improved our photography dramatically. It wasn’t long before those cameras became digital and now, if you’re like me, you carry a mini computer in your pocket that makes calls, takes amazing photos (and videos), immediately backs them up to the cloud and then allows you to share them instantly with loved ones, friends and followers on social media.

Wow! How do we keep up? How do we harness these smart devices and services to do what is most lasting and satisfying—discover authentic connections across time and create personal stories that truly matter? We ground ourselves in The Principles of Photo Freedom and then establish an effective and sustainable workflow that will evolve with life and technology. 

I’ve created this FREE introductory course because I believe that anyone and everyone can benefit from these principles and I don’t want there to be any obstacles to adapting them. In full disclosure, when you register, you will automatically be added to my email list so that I can keep you updated on upcoming classes and products.


As a little sign-up bonus, you’ll receive my printable Glossary of Terms for all things Photo Freedom and Library of Memories. 


Love Notes

Kind Words from Course Participants


"I read Stacy’s book and took her class and it was life changing! The most powerful lesson I took away was that I no longer had to scrapbook chronologically, nor do I have to scrapbook EVERY SINGLE PHOTO I take! This was so uplifting! I now create layouts that are more meaningful. I also love the photo storage system I learned from Stacy. It all just comes together so nicely and it is FUN! The overwhelming feelings I used to get (which kept me from wanting to scrapbook) went away after learning from Stacy."

Amy McGrew


"I am a nurse practitioner in the ER and we have hundreds of patients coming in daily and limited staff and rooms. We triage (French word meaning “sort”) so we know which section to put people in and who to see first, second, etc. Library of Memories teaches triaging for photos and memories. This is such a unique, amazing concept."

Cheryl Anderson



"I started using the LOM system in 2008. For 10 years now I’ve been using Stacy’s photo flow to deal with the thousands of photos I take annually without getting overwhelmed and to get pages into my scrapbooks without stressing about being caught up. The pages I am making because of this system are more meaningful to me and I’m able to quickly find photos. I’ve tweaked the system to make it work for me, but the basic structure Stacy teaches is brilliant on its own!"

Jen Campbell



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