Photo Freedom eBook

Photo Freedom eBook


Here it is, the electronic version of my 2008 book, Photo Freedom. This 130-page, full-color PDF is beautifully designed and ready to help you become the inspired scrapbooker you've always wanted to be!

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I have been teaching the principles behind my Library of Memories system online, since 2006. Library of Memories or LOM for short is a comprehensive system designed to help you organize, scrapbook and enjoy your pictures. In this eBook, PhotoFREEDOM, I'll walk you through the three essentials and nine extras that make up my own personal Library of Memories. I'll also show photos I've taken and layouts I've created, explaining how the Photo Freedom approach made them possible. Finally, I'll introduce you to 13 women who have used and adapted the concepts in this book to suit their unique needs and preferences.

You can only scrapbook in the way you are organized! I have already helped thousands of scrapbookers let go of guilt and get to a place where they are creating authentic and compelling personal stories. You don't need more ideas, or more time. You need a plan and a guide—and it's all inside (this eBook!) 

PhotoFREEDOM was first published in 2008, by Simple Scrapbooks magazine.