Costco LOVE.

I'm at a family reunion in Bear Lake, Idaho. If I wasn't where I am, then I would be at the Grand Opening of the relocated North Spokane Costco. I LOVE Costco!! The deets are below, or you can click HERE to see the Facebook invite and share it with your friends. 

I was recently approached with an opportunity to try some of the Kirkland Signature products available in the 2-day Costco Grocery program. Even though I'm a regular Costco shopper, I did NOT know you could order so many items and have them delivered for free. WOW is it nice to have the GIANT package of toilet paper appear on your doorstop, rather than attempting to balance it atop your already full cart, ha! Take a look at the Kirkland Signature grocery products that are available for home delivery here, and shop all of the Kirkland Signature private label brand here. 

And, just for FUN, since I'm with my sister Darci ... here is our unofficial TOP TEN-ish most often purchased items at Costco. We both have 5 kids and we both shop Costco multiple times a month. We struggled to prioritize these items, so here there are in no particular order :)

  • Turkey breast or rotisserie chicken (both)
  • blueberries (both)
  • baby spinach (both)
  • bananas (both)
  • cottage cheese (Darci)
  • yogurt (both, but we buy different kinds)
  • bacon (Stacy)
  • Brazilian cheese balls (Stacy--gluten free and delicious)
  • Premier protein powder, drinks, bars (both) 
  • mixed nuts, unsalted cashews, pistachios and macadamia nuts (both)
  • milk (both)

The best way for me to keep track of what I'm going to purchase on my next trip is to use the Reminder app on my iPhone.

When I think of something I need I simply say, "Hey Siri ... add (item here) to my Costco list." Magic. And I don't have to stop what I'm doing, or risk getting distracted!

Do you have a Costco near you?
What's on your list?